What can you ask Ellie?

​Ellie is a digital assistant that is powered by Artificial Intelligence to answer your questions on health insurance and health care.

This is a version of Ellie designed to help Netflix employees to select the right health insurance plans for this year. Currently for employees based in the US. 

You will have to install Ellie by clicking on the button below. We do not collect or store any personally identifying information. The information used by Ellie to help you with the plan selection has been compiled from information available on the company website and is not meant to be a replacement for any company resource /advice from HR. We are not contractually bound by Netflix and Ellie should be used as it is meant to be- a free tool.


How do I go about it?

  1. Click on the green button below and enable Ellie on your Slack channel. You should have the rights to install a Slack app in your channel

  2. Select Ellie from the list of Apps on the left navigation pane on Slack 

  3. Start your direct message interaction with Ellie by typing in "Help me select a Company plan"

  4. Ellie will ask you a few questions and you can then select from the choices offered or type in your responses to Ellie's questions

  5. It is a great way to confirm if the health plan that you selected is the right one for your projected health expenses.

Please note that we take your privacy and security very seriously and no personally identifying data is collected or stored during your interactions with Ellie.

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