Rounding it up with Medicare Part C & D!

Alright! As promised, here is what you need to know about Medicare Part C & D. Hope you have read my posts on Part A & Part B.

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What is Medicare Part C?

Medicare Advantage plans are referred to as Medicare Part C. They are Medicare-approved private health insurance plans for individuals enrolled in Original Medicare, Part A and Part B. When you join a Medicare Advantage plan, you are still in the Medicare program and must continue paying your Part B premium. Medicare Part C is a managed care option and is called Medicare Advantage. It is optional. See here for more information and click here for another guide.

What is Medicare Part D?

Part D covers prescription drugs. Part D is optional, and customers can purchase it directly from the private insurance companies in the US.

So, how should you select a proper Medicare supplement insurance?

These are usually the benefits to look for:

  1. The supplement should pay for all of Medicare Part A hospital costs, for at least a year beyond what Medicare pays for (between 90 - 150 days)

  2. It should pay all of the 20% of the Part B doctor's charges that Medicare allows but does not pay, plus at least 80% of the expenses that Medicare does not cover

  3. Your Medicare Advantage plan should cover your medical costs outside the US, with a low limit or a very high limit (go up to $ 1-3MM, if possible). This is useful if you intend to do a lot of traveling in your golden years. Not relevant if you do not want to travel! Make sure that non-emergency cover is extended outside your home state- this is a restriction in some plans

  4. Your plan should give you the freedom to choose Doctors and hospitals throughout the country. You might want to visit a specialist hospital outside your state, and this is where choice is important!

When do I start the plan selection process?

Do remember to start your plan selection and shopping process 3- 5 months before you turn 65 years.

In a nutshell, Medicare Advantage covers all the benefits of Medicare Part A & B and provides a little more. A private insurance company administers it. Many customers look for additional hearing, vision, dental coverage through Medicare Advantage. For more information from the Medicare site, check this link out.

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